Assorted Fruit Tea Gift Pack x 15

Assorted Fruit Tea Gift Pack x 15

Assorted Fruit Tea x 15 pcs

Natural Fruity & Herbal Tea

*Low in calories

*Supports digestive health

*Boost immune functions

*Detoxifying and Balance pH levels of your body

*Ideal for weight loss plans

*100% natural with no added sugars

*Precent and manage diabetes

1. Red dragon fruit, Pineapples & Pear

2. Lemon, Apple & Orange

3. Lemon, Pear & Kiwi

4. Red dragon fruit, Apple & Kiwi

5. Butterfly pea, Lemon & Pineapple

6. Orange , Apple & Marigold

7. Rose Bud, orange & White Dragon Fruit

8. Red Dragon Fruit , Orange & Pear

9. Chamomile, Apple & Kiwi

10. Orange , Apple & Pear

11. Red Dragon Fruit , Pineapple & Kiwi


Store: Cool + Dry , 16-20 Celsius

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